Alan C Smith was born in Canada and moved to Jamaica at the age of 1. His Jamaican father introduced him to the cultural diversity and beauty of the island while his Canadian mother instilled a Canadian work ethic and freedom of expression.

His teen years and twenties were spent in Canada, studying and freezing! This experience gave him greater appreciation for the differences of cultures and climates. In Canada he completed the Communication arts degree in Graphic Design, Illustration and Advertising at Alberta College of Arts. Upon discovering Photography's potential as a creative outlet, he continued studying and completed his photography degree.

Jamaica always felt like home so he moved back to the island in 1996 and hasn't looked back.

Although he works commercially and as a fine artist, he has found that weddings are the only form of photography that combine the talents required for art, fashion, product, landscape, journalism, and portraiture. It's a challenge and he loves a challenge. His ability to capture emotions and memorable moments with beautiful composition and exceptional lighting sets him apart. He strives to create a story through imagery that is unique to each client.